Top 5 Best Wholesale Liquor Distributors You Need in Nairobi

Are you a retail liquor seller in Nairobi and need reliable and affordable wholesale liquor distributors in Nairobi Kenya? Look no further! We will introduce you to the top 5 best quality wholesale liquor distributors in Nairobi that will be a game changer to your business.

We’ll share the Top beverage wholesalers in Nairobi that offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages at affordable costs, ensuring that your shelves are always filled with the greatest options for your clients. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect wholesale liquor distributor to satisfy your liquor needs.

What To Look For In A Wholesale Liquor Distributor?

Top 5 Best Wholesale Liquor Distributors You Need in Nairobi

For a better understanding of why these massive distributors made it to the top of our list, you must first comprehend what it takes to be a leading wholesale alcohol distributor before we enlighten you on the distributors. Selecting the top wholesale liquor distributors requires careful consideration of various factors.

Reputation is paramount, as distributors with a solid track record and positive reviews from industry professionals are more likely to inspire confidence in their customers. Additionally, a distributor’s product selection must be both broad and deep for enterprises to satisfy the varied tastes of its clients.

Lastly, reliability is a key determining factor, as distributors who consistently deliver on time and maintain open lines of communication foster stronger partnerships with their clients. You’re in luck since these distributors have them all.

List of the Top 5 Wholesale Liquor Distributors in Kenya

Finally, we reveal to you the best of the best in the wholesale alcohol distribution industry in Nairobi Kenya. Below is the list of the leading liquor stores in Nairobi CBD.

  1. Liquor Square
  2. Oaks & Corks
  3. Jays Wines
  4. Drinks Vine
  5. Fratelli Liquor Store

1. Liquor Square (Top-rated alcohol distributors in Nairobi)

Nairobi's best alcohol distributors

At the top of the pile is none other than Liquor Square Limited which has proven to be the best wholesaler and Reliable liquor distributors in Nairobi. A company well known for its exceptional service and reliability, offers an extensive range of alcoholic beverages, including whiskey, gins, rums, wines, beers, vodka, and spirits from both international and local brands.

Liquor Square takes pride in its effective delivery network, which guarantees that orders are delivered promptly and to their customers’ satisfaction. You can use this number 0712 54 54 54, 0701 85 85 85 or go directly to their website and place your order online whenever you like because they are open around the clock.

With a fleet of motorbikes and liquor delivery vans around Nairobi CBD, you can count on a quick alcohol delivery to arrive anywhere in between 10 and 30 minutes. They have two branches within Nairobi CBD where you can visit them physically or order your drinks online through their website.

Liquor Square Headquarters

Mutige Kiboti House, 11th Moktar Daddah Street, Opposite Jeevanjee Gardens.
Tel: 0712 545 454

Liquor Square Mfangano Branch

Victoria Courts, Mfangano Lane Opposite Ronald Ngala
Tel: 0701 858 585

2. Oaks & Corks

Nairobi's best alcohol distributors

On the Top 5 liquor distributors in Nairobi list, we have Oaks 7 Corks as the second Nairobi’s finest wholesale liquor provider. Oaks & Corks excels as a premier distributor with an impressive liquor selection and unmatched customer support. It boasts a diverse catalog of alcoholic beverages, including exclusive brands that set them apart from their competitors.

Going above and beyond, it delivers outstanding customer support and tailored services, ensuring client needs are consistently fulfilled. With 24/7 express delivery, averaging a swift 23 minutes, orders via guarantee exceptional and timely service.

3. Jays Wines

Another undisputed liquor wholesaler and distributor is Jay Wines. A wholesaler with a remarkable reputation in the distribution, wholesale, and retail of wines, spirits, commercial, and kraft beers.

Maintaining robust ties with domestic producers and farmers ensures customers enjoy access to the freshest and most authentic local beverages. Accompanied by vans and delivery bikes, they ensure fast delivery of your products within Nairobi. You can place your order through their website

4. Drinks Vine

Top 5 liquor distributors in Nairobi

One of the top-tier distributors of liquor in Nairobi is none other than Drinks Vine. Formerly Dial A Delivery, Drinks Vine rebranded for enhanced customer service and competitive distinction. The transformation ushered in website improvements, featuring a user-friendly layout for seamless shopping and ordering. With free delivery within Nairobi, averaging 30 minutes, Drinks Vine ranks fourth on our list.

5. Fratelli Liquor Store

Top 5 Best Wholesale Liquor Distributors You Need in Nairobi

Fratelli Liquor store well known for its high reputation in its customer service is another excellent choice for you. With expert customer service and advice on a vast alcohol selection, you can confidently choose the perfect beverage. Plus, enjoy exceptional packaging with your order. Making even delivery to events and parties be sure to get your products in under 30 minutes across Nairobi.


Who is the largest alcohol distributor in Kenya?

Liquor Square Limited is the leading alcohol distributor in Kenya with very friendly wholesale prices compared to its rivals. They have riders for small package deliveries and vans for bulk orders.

Liquor Square

Ultimately, opting for the appropriate wholesale alcohol distributor holds paramount importance in ensuring the prosperity of your retail liquor enterprise. We have introduced you to the top 5 distributors in Nairobi.

Each distributor offers unique strengths to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prioritize affordability, variety, exceptional customer service, exclusivity, or convenience, significantly, these distributors have got you covered. So, take your pick and elevate your liquor offerings today!

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