William Lawson’s Super Spiced Whisky 750ml

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Order online your favorite William Lawson's Super Spiced Whisky 750ml in Nairobi at wholesale price and get it delivered to your doorstep within minutes. William Lawson's Super Spiced 750ml Whiskey price in Kenya is Ksh. 1,500 only. It contains 35% ABV (alcohol by volume). Whiskey sounds warm aroma of vanilla and sweet spices. Consists a taste of whiskey bright, expressive, and at the same time soft, with generous notes of coffee, fudge, ripe figs, candied fruits, and orange jam. The finish is nice, long.

Order your William Lawson’s Super Spiced Whisky 750ml from Liquor Square today. The idea of creating William Lawson’s Super Spiced Whisky 750ml belongs blend master Stephanie McLeod. William Lawson’s Super Spiced – is a delightful blend of single malt and grain whiskeys, infused with vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Additional ingredients used in the manufacture of beverages are natural apple extract and maple syrup. Withstand William Lawson’s Super Spiced in barrels of sherry.


The official history of William Lawson’s brand began in 1889 when William Lawson registered trademarks and began production hood under his own name. During the Great, Depression production was suspended and revived after World War II in Liverpool, and in 1967 went back to Scotland in Coatbridge. Since 1972, the brand owned by the company Martini, were greatly expanded its production capacity. Since 1992, Martini and, accordingly, William Lawson’s consortium owns Bacardi. Whiskey under the name William Lawson’s, which includes a range of both standard and premium versions, is known not only at home, but also very popular in Europe, especially in France, where he held the top line in the segment of high-quality whiskey. Excerpt whiskey is made in oak barrels from the Spanish sherry and American bourbon.

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PRODUCT NAME William Lawson’s Super Spiced
VOLUME 750ml
PRICE 750ml @ Ksh. 1,500
BRAND William Lawson’s
TYPE Whisky


Additional information

Alcohol Content

35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

Country of Origin






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