Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear 1 Litre

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Order online your favorite Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear 1 Litre in Nairobi at wholesale price and get it delivered to your doorstep within minutes. Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear 1 Litre Rum price in Kenya is Ksh. 1,900 only. It contains 37.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). The mild and soft Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum is a clear Rum and is distilled from fermented molasses and filtered five times through charcoal and matured to high purity for up to 24 months in white American oak barrels. Molasses is a thick dark and sticky by-product of sugar production

Order your Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear 1 Litre from Liquor Square today. Order yours today from the best liquor store in Kenya and get it delivered for free within Nairobi CBD. The world-famous Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum combines harmonious notes of elegant vanilla with tasty apricot extracts, sweet sliced bananas, and zesty citrus aromas.


The legendary Rum is surprisingly mild and dry. Even the pleasant crisp and clean long-lasting finish contribute to the exclusive quality of the shimmering and bright Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum which brings a wonderful Caribbean flair with it.

The medium-bodied Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum mixes particularly well in a fruity tropical cocktail or coconut juice with a slice of tangy fresh lime but is also the perfect mix in a favorite long drink or simply neat over some ice blocks.

This Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear 1 Litre Rum is a must-have spirit in any respectable bar and restaurant.

The fast-selling aromatic Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior comes from the quality house of Bacardi which is headquartered in Bermuda and celebrates craft and passion in a bottle.

Bacardi is one of the world’s most successful Rum producers and exports its products to more than 170 different countries. The history of the Bacardi family business dates back to the year 1862.

Shortly after the company was founded in Santiago de Cuba Castro came to power and the family had to immigrate to the USA.

After the company was strategically and organizationally stronger again, the family Bacardi could proceed with the production of its renowned Rum.

The long history of the Bacardi distillery has a special influence on the perfectly balanced Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum because this is still made according to the original traditional recipe from Don Facundo Bacardi which is now over 150 years old.

This provides for a very complicated production process. First, the unique Rum is distilled four times to ensure a particular purity.

In the next step, the Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior Rum is filtered through charcoal five times to then be stored 12 to 24 months in American oak barrels.

In this phase, the pleasant and fresh Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior develops its distinctive flavor and character that inspires so many Rum connoisseurs.

The final Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior is a blend of heavy and light distillates which have been a part of the storage phase. The outstanding quality of the Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior was confirmed by the Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition in Miami in 2009.

There the inspiring Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior was awarded the gold medal in the category of white Rums.


  • 2009 – Gold Medal, Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition Miami.

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PRODUCT NAME Bacardi Carta Blanca Clear
VOLUME 1 Litre
PRICE 1L@ Ksh. 1,900
BRAND Bacardi


Additional information

Alcohol Content

37.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

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1 Litre

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