Liquor Square Sponsors Mamake Bobo’s Event at The Royal Gardenia Gardens in Kiambu

Women's Conference 2022

Liquor Square Sponsors Mamake Bobo’s Event at The Royal Gardenia Gardens in Kiambu. An event that took place on 26th November 2022. Liquor Square had its first event at Royal Gardenia, Kiambu Rd. Mamake Bobo, Liquor Square’s brand ambassador hosted a Women’s Conference in allegiance to empowering salient women in Entrepreneurship. The event was graced by well-known icons such as Sarah Richson, who was the keynote speaker, Dee Presenter 001, Radio/TV Presenter and Panelist, Dr. Joan Kinyajui,  Healthcare Management Specialist and a Panelist, Esther Macharia, Founder at E-Bakers Creations and a Panelist, as well as Tracy Waithera, Content Creator, Marketer and a Moderator at the event.

Liquor Square Sponsors Mamake Bobo's Event

Women’s Conference 2022

The Women’s Conference attracted about two hundred-plus women from all over Nairobi. Aside from Liquor Square’s drinks and cocktails stand, there were other vendors from different types of business categories like Self-care, Skin Care, Insurance, Beauty, and Lifestyle. There were informative speeches made by guests and icons present. Attendants showed up and showed out. It was lovely being at Mamake Bobo’s Women’s Conference as we got the opportunity to market ourselves within the event as well as be at the service of the attendants. It was such an amazing experience for Liquor Square to Sponsor Mamake Bobo’s Event.

Liquor Square Sponsors Mamake Bobo's Event

We are looking forward to more partnerships, gigs, and events like Mamake Bobo’s Women’s Conference. Liquor Square is a liquor distribution company that has an in-house main branch purchase station located at Moktar Daddah Street, Mutige Kiboti Street. The other branch is stationed at Victoria Courts, Mfangano Lane. To place an order, call us on +254 705 646 244/ +254 115 256 279 OR +254 115 460 134 FOR Mfangano Street branch. Visit our website to shop online.

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